Latest From Fancast – Maggie Grace To Make A Cameo?

Do you have an answer to this ‘Lost‘ question: Why wasn’t Shannon on the plane? Was it plot-driven, or actor-driven? – Taffy via Facebook
Shannon’s absence from the season premiere was actor-driven – Maggie Grace’s busy film slate precluded her from swinging by Hawaii at the right time – though the “flash-sideways” reality would have you believe that Boone was simply unable to talk his sister-lover into bailing on her abusive Aussie beau. Frankly, I found Shannon’s absence, Charlie’s arrest and Juliet’s re-death to scream, “Actor unavailability!” Now, I heard from one source that Grace would make a cameo at some point, but I have yet to corroborate that buzz. Her rep will only say, “There is not much to comment on at the moment.”

Why does ‘Lost’s “Man in Black” want to kill Jacob so badly? – Gail
We may gain some insight around midseason when, Terry O’Quinn told E! Online’s Kristin, “NotLocke” spouts forth “four pages of the history of the island.” I personally suspect the gents’ feud dates back further than 1845, when they sat there watching the Black Rock slave ship near the island. Why? Because at last month’s TCA tour, Damon Lindelof let slip that the Man in Black’s origins date back “thousands and thousands of years.”

Source: Fancast